Failure can take on many shades and colors and all of them can define us, unless we learn how to deal with the failure. Failure could be spiritual, moral, financial, relationships, or a myriad of other things. Each defeat leaves us feeling alone, alienated, and most often disappointed or disgusted and at times even embarrassed. Regardless how much you beat yourself down … nothing will change until we deal with that failure.
Mathew 26 records the stories of two men that failed. Peter and Judas Iscariot had all of the potential promise that came with being an apostle. They had followed Jesus for three and a half years. Saw the miracles, witnessed Jesus walking on the water, and were there when Jesus called Lazarus from the grave. But in spite of all that they had seen and heard … they failed.
Should we be surprised at their failure? I don’t think so because we all fail at one time or another. Let’s face it … like sheep we do wander away doing things we should not do and then find ourselves in some very desperate situations.
Peter and Judas, on the night of their failure, had very different reactions and different outcomes. Judas took the path of self-repentance and committed suicide. Peter on the other hand took the path of Godly sorrow that brought true repentance. He turned to God and found forgiveness for his shortcomings.
Was there an opportunity for Judas to repent? I believe so. God’s call is to whosever will may come. Did Judas repent … we know he did not by the action that he took.
Just as Judas and Peter, you may have failed and are facing difficult decisions and circumstance. Don’t let your failure overwhelm you and cause you to despair. Like Peter, let Godly sorrow bring true repentance and then a return to fellowship with our Heavenly Father. God is always there to hear, forgive, and embrace you as you call upon Him.

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